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Standard Account

With the all-time classic Forex account, the Standard Account at Samtrade FX offers traders a wide range of features suitable for all traders, from the beginner to the experienced. This account type was the first to offer traders the ability to trade standard lots in the Forex market.

Joint Account

Samtrade FX joint account is a type of account managed by two and more account holders which allows the same account used by either one of registered party. Samtrade FX joint account is the perfect solution for spouses who both trade and are business partners. Instead of each partner having a separate account, it is easier for partners to trade using a single account, and pooling resources. Any parties who are registered on the account can access funds, make trading decisions, and initiate transactions.

Corporate Account

Samtrade FX corporate account is particularly designed for basic corporate and institutional clients who usually tend to trade and fill on bigger orders. With Samtrade FX, we are able to ensure the flexibility to the clients to trade bulk orders more quickly and effectively as we are connected to many liquidity providers. Samtrade FX corporate account offers the highest standard of service and market execution with the best rates.

Islamic Account

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About Forex Islamic Accounts

Islamic accounts are also known as swap free accounts. Such accounts imply no swap or roll over interests on overnight position, which is against the Islamic faith. Shariah law, which is Islamic law, forbids giving or taking interest of any kind. The reason behind this prohibition is the belief that Muslims should give for the sake of giving and not in order to get something in return. It is for this reason that Forex Islamic accounts, which are interest free, were created.

An Islamic Forex account, to put it simply, is a regular Forex trading account minus the interest fees. An integral part of Forex trading is paying different kinds of interest fees such as Rollover fees, to name one example. The Forex market closes at the end of every day. If a trader wants to leave a position open overnight, they will have to pay what is called ‘rollover fees’, which are interest payments made for leaving the position open. Islamic Forex accounts have all these fees waved and are therefore, also known as Swap-Free Forex accounts.

Benefits of Islamic Accounts

No Interest/Swap Charges on Overnight Positions

No Spread Widening

No Up-front Commission

No Hidden Costs

Same Trading Condition as Regular Account Types

24 Hours Support from Our Dedicated Client Relations Managers

Samtrade FX Islamic account is the safest way to trade Forex while complying with the Shariah. Our account differs greatly from those generally offered by other Forex brokers. The difference lies in the fact that unlike some other Forex brokers who substitute additional fees by widening the spread, Samtrade FX imposes no additional charges.

In order to abide by the Shariah, traders of the Islamic faith are forbidden to pay interest. However, some brokers merely transfer this interest charge to some other types of fee; it is basically still charges that cover the interest, also known as swap-free in disguise. Samtrade FX is strictly against such practices as it goes against the nature of fair and ethical trading conditions that a reputable brokerage firm should provide.

How to Open an Islamic Forex Account

Islamic account option can be chosen in 3 easy steps:

1. Open a trading account with us

2. Login and validate your account

3. Request an Islamic account

As soon as our relevant department receives your request, your account will receive Islamic account status and you will be notified accordingly. Please note that Samtrade FX reserves the right to revoke any Islamic account status granted to any real trading account in the event of any form of abuse.

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