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Client Money Protection

At Samtrade FX, fund security is of utmost importance.

All our clients' monies are deposited in segregated Top Tier One Bank accounts. This is done so via independent & custodian trust accounts under a strict legal trust framework with proper custodian functions.

Third Party Insurance

Samtrade FX is also insured by The Eye Protection Center (EPC). The EPC is set up to provide additional fund protection to clients in the event of default by the brokerage. Samtrade FX Client is protected under WikiFX Assurance Center – Plan D, where clients can apply claims for compensation for malignant cases like bankruptcy, abscond with money or banned withdrawal which may cause clients' corresponding losses. Clients will be able to submit claims based on the Terms & Conditions set up EPC and apply thru their App or website.

Do note that the payout is NOT applicable to ANY form of losses arising from normal trading losses.

To qualify for this insurance/compensation, visit and download Wiki FX App. Search for "Samtrade FX" and click for "Free Compensation" and register accordingly.

Do note that the validity period is 30 days. After 30 days, clients can continue to be insured for free indefinitely by clicking the "Free Compensation" again at the start of each new month. Each client is ONLY entitled to 1 account compensation only.


As an added safety measure, Samtrade FX has introduced a professional indemnity insurance with Howden Insurance Brokers.

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