Be Introducing Broker (IB) of S.A.M. Trade

S.A.M. Trade offers one of the most attractive Introducing Broker Programmes among the industry. You earn as clients trade.

We provide one-stop-solution to you

We provide continuous round-the-clock support to you

We offer a 4 tiered Commission Programme

Why partner with S.A.M. Trade?

S.A.M. Trade is recognized for its FX and CFD services.

Comprehensive technological infrastructure ensures minimum technical issues
We differentiate ourselves with others in the impeccable and personalized services to traders and partners
We pride ourselves in providing tailored services that suits the client's need
We have a professional and dedicated customer support team to support clients round the clock
Traders want to start their trading journey in the knowledge that they are backed by a reliable broker

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Our stable and secure trading environment helps you to expand your business.

Our IBs enjoy:

  • Competitive customized rebate scheme.

  • Efficient client tracking tool (Using the assigned partner referral link)

Your clients enjoy:

  • Diversified account types for different trading preference

  • Stable and secure trading platform

  • Swift deposit and withdrawal

  • Negative money protection

Becoming an IB with S.A.M. Trade is simple. Fill out the form and our team will contact you.

S.A.M Trade provides a bespoke IB rebates scheme. Fill out the submission form here and our team will contact you.

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