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AVEUSDy Aave vs USD 1 AAVE 0.01 10 0.01
ADAUSDy Cardano vs USD 1 ADA 0.0001 10000 0.01
BNBUSDy Binance Coin vs USD 1 BNB 0.01 1 0.01
BCHUSDy Bitcoin Cash vs USD 1 BCH 0.01 10 0.01
BSVUSDy Bitcoin SV vs USD 1 BSV 0.01 10 0.01
BTCUSDy Bitcoin vs USD 1 BTC 0.01 1 0.01
DSHUSDy Dash vs USD 1 DASH 0.01 10 0.01
DOTUSDy PolkaDot vs USD 1 DOT 0.001 100 0.01
EOSUSDy EOS vs USD 1 EOS 0.001 1000 0.01
ETHUSDy Ethereum vs USD 1 ETH 0.01 1 0.01
LNKUSDy Link vs USD 1 LINK 0.001 100 0.01
LTCUSDy Litecoin vs USD 1 LTC 0.01 10 0.01
THTUSDy Theta vs USD 1 THETA 0.001 1000 0.01
TRXUSDy Tron vs USD 1 TRX 0.00001 100000 0.01
UNIUSDy Uniswap vs USD 1 UNI 0.001 1000 0.01
VETUSDy VeChain vs USD 1 VET 0.00001 10000 0.01
XLMUSDy Stellar vs USD 1 XLM 0.0001 10000 0.01
XMRUSDy Monero vs USD 1 XMR 0.01 100 0.01
XRPUSDy Ripple vs USD 1 XRP 0.0001 10000 0.01
XTZUSDy Tezos vs USD 1 XTZ 0.001 1000 0.01

*Leverage on Cryptocurrencies CFDs are capped at 1:5
*Trading hours for Cryptocurrency CFDs are 24/7

S.A.M. Trade reserves the right to amend and make changes to the leverage policy according to market conditions and/or whenever a periodic review is conducted.

Last Updated: 26/11/2021

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a digital representation of value that can be digitally traded, or transferred, and can be used for payment or investment purposes.

At S.A.M. Trade, we offer Cryptocurrencies CFDs, where a buyer and a seller agree to pay in cash any difference in prices as the value of the cryptocurrency rises or falls, instead of buying the underlying asset itself. One of the biggest advantages of choosing to trade CFDs is the leverage it offers. It allows you to hold larger positions than you would if you were to buy the cryptocurrency itself. This means that there is potential for higher profits too. However, the risk is that the losses would also be higher if your predictions fail to play out.

Main Cryptocurrencies



Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that was created in 2009, following the ideas set out by Satoshi Nakamoto where balance are kept on public ledger with full transparency to everyone. All bitcoin transactions are verified by computing power and is not issued, backed by any banks or government. Bitcoin has gained popularity over the years and is now the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation.



Ethereum is an open source blockchain, which contains blocks of data (transactions and smart contracts) and is a public, permissionless network. Ethereum has an inbuilt cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH) that can be traded for other cryptocurrencies like BTC, and is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation.



Litecoin dubbed as a “altcoin” was designed to be a replica of Bitcoin with some moderate changes. It was to excel in certain areas such as the ability to be used for smaller transactions, hence, it is easier to be used daily. It isn’t currently used by mainstream corporations as a form of payment, but it has the potential to be widely embraced in the future.


Once you have opened your live account with us, you can trade CFDs on the following instruments:

For more details on the above products, please visit the Product page.

You can trade anytime you wish during the trading hours as set out below.

You can open your position for a couple of hours or even less (intraday trading) or for a couple of days (long-term trading) – up to your discretion. Kindly be noted that swap charges may be incurred for long-term trading, depending on the position and trading instrument.

Please be reminded each instrument have their own trading sessions, you can check the trading session for the specific trading instrument in the contract specifications in the trading platform:

  • Forex: from Monday GMT+1 00:00 to Friday GMT+1 23:00 (US Market close)

  • Indices: available for trading from Monday to Friday. For trading hours, please refer to the trading session for the specific trading instrument in the trading platform.

  • Commodities: available for trading from Monday to Friday. For trading hours, please refer to the trading session for the specific trading instrument in the trading platform.

  • Cryptocurrencies: available for trading 24/7.

Our demo account will expire after 1 month from the date of issue. If you wish to extend or have other queries, you can contact us at either [email protected] or the live chat function after you log in to the Client Portal.

If you didn’t find what you were after, find out more or contact us directly. We’ll be pleased to help.

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