What is CopySam™?

The latest trade copying technology by S.A.M. Trade allowing everyone to trade like a top trader. Regardless of your trading experience or commitment, you can now tap on industry’s winning traders’ expertise with CopySam™.

CopySam™ automatically copy winning traders’ trades with precision in your portfolio like your own trades.

CopySam™ - Follow and Trade with Expert Traders

S.A.M. Trade is awarded the Collective Investment Platform Certification for CopySam™ by the Financial Commission, having satisfied all the comprehensive requirements for key policies and procedures used in Copy Trading. This certification is part of The Financial Commission’s on-going efforts to help ensure traders are operating in a fair and transparent environment with commonly accepted standards when engaging in Copy Trading.

Is CopySam™ for you?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader but with no time to track your trading, CopySam™ allows you to participate in trading without active involvement on your side.



Able to copy winning traders' trades with precision to your portfolio like your own trades.

Experienced Traders

Experienced Traders

Do not have sufficient time to monitor the market? CopySam™ allows you to spend minimal time with your trading activity while achieving diversification to your portfolio by copying trades of winning traders.

Benefits of CopySam™

Awarded the Collective Investment Platform Certification for CopySam™ by the Financial Commission.
Minimum amount to start is USD 100.
Start or stop copying anytime you want.
Access the performance of the copied trader in the Client Portal, including their profitability, trading strategy, preferred asset class and more.
Learn from their trading strategies and apply them to your own trades.
Tap on industry's winning traders' expertise and replicated other's performance.

How to choose the winning trader?

  • 1

    Open Live Account

    Open account with few steps to get approval within a day.

  • 2

    Choose A Winning Trader

    Search our line-up of expert traders, assess their trades and select your preferred trader to follow.

  • 3

    Copy Now

    Set an amount accordingly and start to copy trade automatically in your portfolio.

Now, just let our expert traders do all the work and earn a profit whenever they do.


The minimum amount to start is USD 100.

There is no maximum amount for CopySam™. This is provided that margin requirements are met.

Yes. You can start or stop copying a trader at any moment.

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