Trade Precious Metals

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Trade Precious Metals Online

The Samtrade FX platform provides you with access to an online global precious metals exchange. You can now trade gold, silver and platinum wherever you are using an online platform in the same way that you would trade stocks, forex or futures. Safely invest in the precious metals of your choice via this easily accessible electronic environment, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Live pricing and instant order execution give you the ability to take advantage of every trading opportunity.

Better Pricing and Liquidity

Multiple liquidity providers located around the world provide live pricing around the clock. Through Samtrade FX you have access to this unique gold, silver and platinum exchange, which gives you the ability to tap into and enjoy the exchange's higher liquidity and tighter spreads; benefits that are key considerations to any trader or investor and clearly outweigh the traditional method of purchasing gold in a shop.

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